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Posted by: aentoken Category: News Tags: , , , Comments: 0 Post Date: December 11, 2018 + Xhamster Premium

We have started a cooperation with mega porn site / xhamster premium. As you are probably aware xhamster is ranked in the top 10 of best visited porn sites of the world. Xhamster Premium has a reach of around 1.000.000 visitors a day, 32.000.000+ a month!

It is important to mention that this is NOT an exclusive cooperation in the way that xhamster is going to accept AEN tokens! No, our goal for this cooperation is to join forces when it comes to selling online porn dvd’s and videos through their premium channel (xhamster premium). In simple words: they have the traffic, we have the content…

Although this cooperation does not have a direct effect on our token holders, it does have an effect of AEN’s overall net profits, which we will use to expand the AEN network as a whole… so indirectly this will be good for investors as well on the long term.

The reason why we decided to start this cooperation is mainly to spread risks as the porn industry can and is changing fast. We want to cooperate with the biggest players in the industry, we want to get profit from all possible sides of the market with as sole goal to strengthen the AEN network as a whole.





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