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Public token sale has ended

Public token sale

The AEN public token sale (ITO) has been completed. We are currently in the process of finalizing the latest token sales, calculating all numbers and finalizing the bounty token distribution.

The next couple of days we will first update all our partners about the token sale and the planning for next months. As its currently a holiday week in The Netherlands, we expect this process to take around 5-7 days. Once that is finished, we will post a full update about the token sale and our plans for the next months through a blog post at our website’s news section and through our social media channels (Telegram, Facebook, Twitter).

Bounty distributions
It has taken a while to find a way to fairly distribute our bounty tokens. We have discussed it (there were some issues with possible fraud for the translation bounties) with our whole team and as there are only a handful of possible red flagged users we have put those on a blacklist and have decided to distribute the rest of the bounty tokens according to the official bounty sheet provided by our bounty manager.

Due to low amount of participating users for the signature and translation bounties we have had some unexpected results in the form of high token rewards for those users (aprox 20-25 participants). But in all fairness this is a mistake made by the AEN token team, meaning that we should have put a cap on the maximum amount of tokens a person was and should be able to earn for a certain task. Unfortunately its too late to change that now and as none of these participants have violated any rules, we have decided to fully cashout their tokens. So, as a result, there this particular (small) group is lucky and will receive a pretty large amount of tokens for the task they have done. We have decided to do it this way as this was the most fair, easy and transparent solution. Secondly to finish this up we can speed up the remaining distribution of the bounty tokens, as we (and all participants) want to finish this up nicely and fast.

Project update
As mentioned a full update about our projects will be announced once we informed all our partners. But first focus will be targeted at the Pornscope livestreaming Dapp.

We are aware that many people want us to give priority to exchanges. Preparations are made on our side, but unfortunately due to exchange rules we are not allowed to publically announce or share any information about exchanges listings prior to the actual listing. So, all we can currently say is that we will announce it once we have a concrete listing date.

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