Thierry Kemaco


French / Spanish porn producer Thierry came into contact with the adult entertainment industry by chance in 1995.

At that time he earned his living as a guitarist and rock singer and in order to create samples and music at home, he bought himself a computer. The PC, which had a 14k modem, enabled him to enter and explore the internet.

Although the world wide web was still in its infancy, the 'x' already had a place. He saw the enormous potential of this emerging market and decided to invest in it by becoming an adult webmaster.

In February 2000, a Spanish businessman contacted Kemaco. This person wanted to invest in the internet and offered Thierry a way to expand his activities indefinitely. Not much later, he produced his first films and before he realized it, he increasingly portrayed himself as a full-fledged producer.

In 2002 Thierry bought back all shares and took full ownership of his company and the Kemaco brand.

Kemaco's main websites are, the public content site with access for members, and that sells content for professional webmasters and studios.

Kemaco Studios now works with 700+ models and produces content for its own websites and large studios such as Marc Dorcel.