Serge van der Hooft


After leading some the biggest porn companies in the world, Serge can certainly be seen as one of the most influential people in the entire industry.

It all started with his father who worked in a sex shop. As a result, Serge literally grew up between sex toys and porn DVDs. For him, the adult entertainment industry was the most normal thing in the world.

Gerard Cok, his father's boss, family friend, porn giant and real estate magnate with an estimated capital of 80 million, took Serge under his wings. Right after graduating from Tilburg University in 2001, 21-year-old van der Hooft became Cok's right hand. It made him one of the youngest entrepreneurs at that level in the industry.

A month later, Cok asked if he wanted to become the director of a production company of Beate Uhse with serious problems. He said: "Try it, you can not ruin it much."

In 2005 van der Hooft became the director of Scala Playhouse, an international dvd production company and distributor of erotic goods with exclusive partnerships with the best brands in erotic novelties, drugstore and lingerie.

About three years later Serge's career got an even bigger boost when he was appointed director of Beate Uhse, the largest porn company in the world. The German based company (1,300 employees) is best known for its brands Adam & Eve, Pabo, Christine le Duc and Scala Playhouse.

In 2018 Serge founded the company Vice Media Group, an adult content distribution & licensing company.