Sandra Garretsen

Liveshow Host

Dominatrix Sandra started her career in the hospitality industry where she initially worked as a kitchen assistant, receptionist and head of the cleaning team, and later worked herself up to assistant manager.

Through her work she came into contact with a wealthy real estate agent who offered "his beauty" a dream job in Germany and Marbella. He ordered Sandra to gain information about his competition, interesting estate properties and - more importantly - to pamper potential clients.

Although she did not immediately see it that way at that time, her ever-expanding network of rich, needy businessmen caused her to roll into the sex industry in an almost natural way.

Accustomed to the money, she increasingly presented herself as a real professional. Once at home, the decision to work in a gentlemen's club was made quickly. Initially it was a colleague who introduced her to the world of bdsm, but she learned all the tricks of the trade from one of her most loyal customers.

Sandra, who has been working as a full-fledged mistress for 25 years now, organizes private sessions, bdsm parties and kinky live shows. In addition, she helps and supports new talented models. Since the beginning of this year she also works part-time at Sm Club Doma in The Hague, the Netherlands.