Ruud Slakhorst


As CEO of a global player in erotic tv channels, websites, erotic social networks and films, adult tycoon Slakhorst currently owns and runs large sex imperiums in both The Netherlands and Belgium.

It all started during his work as a Rayonmanager at the UWV in 1993, where he met receptionist Kim Holland. He saw something in this girl: a yearning will to enjoy life. The two fell in love and together they discovered the joys of love and sex. Soon they became good customers at the erotic video stores of Miep Brons. Every week they devoured ten to fifteen films and everything they saw, they wanted to try for themselves.

When slakhorst was able to lay his hands on a real amateur sex movie through a German adult company, they both became extremely enthusiastic. They wanted to see more, but discovered that these type of films were very scarce.

Slakhorst and Holland took matters into their own hands and decided to produce a film themselves. They liked it so much that more films soon followed. They wanted to share their kinky adventures with the outside world and decided to place advertisements in local sex magazines.

What started as a hobby quickly got out of hand. Before they knew it, the couple sold dozens of films a week. This did not go unnoticed. Soon they came into contact with well-known sex companies like Club Doma and Tuk Magazine. In addition, "De Telegraaf," one of the largest newspapers in the Netherlands, described Kim Holland as the new porn queen of the Netherlands.

Until today, Slakhorst manages the entire Kim Holland empire, which is one of the market leaders in the Dutch adult industry with well-known websites such as, and He also is co-owner of the tv channels "Meiden van Holland" and "Vurig Vlaanderen" and, together with his current partner Elise van Vlaanderen, he runs a large adult entertainment company in Belgium.