Robin Bos


You might easily be fooled by his young appearance, but this 35 year old entrepreneur has been working in the adult entertainment industry for over 19 years.

What started out as a hobby during his childhood, where he learned himself some basic programming skills, things became more serious when the internet became available to the general public. At the age of 15 he created his first regular websites some of which also had an erotic department. As more and more customers started asking for porn, his attention automatically shifted in that direction. Less than three years later he had already build up a network of more than 200 porn sites.

Since then he has led various adult affiliate programs and he gives advice and support to large porn companies in the areas of SEO, customer support, high risk payment systems, website security, programming techniques and new technologies. A jack of all trades so to say.

As an expert in the field of high risk payment solutions, where he is in constant search for new payment technologies, he became an early adopter of Bitcoin in 2012. Moreover, Robin was one of the first merchants in the world who integrated Bitcoin as a payment option on various of his clients porn sites.

In 2009, Bos partnered up with Hans Lisman, one of the biggest porn producers of the world. Together they produced over 45,000 films with more than 300,000 scenes and are best known for labels such as Black4Blonds, Black Market, British Pain, Devot, Fist Magic, French Kinky, Goldrush, Mature Throne, Germany Private, Slave Sex, Spank Passion and Teeny Passion.

On top of that Bos and Lisman bought the exclusive rights of more than 250 porn labels, for instance: digital madness, dirty harry, doktor schmutz, gold medal, kink o rama, mothers i would like to fuck, private pain, sexxx crazy, xkiss, and yam yam.

Besides being our cryptoexpert and in addition to his crypto programming skills, Robin has also been actively involved in crypto currency trading for over 6 years; he started his adventure by investing in Cannabiscoin, Navajocoin, Stealthcoin and Roxcoin and later he became one of the first adopters of Ripple.

Bos is currently director of Paycum, a company that deals with digitalization processes, payment solutions, branding and promotion for large adult entertainment companies.