Marc Tschudi

IT Expert

After graduating in 1998, Marc became technical director of Tschudi Technology GMBH, a family-owned company that supplies software and services for digital printing. As a manager, he is responsible for the training and support of a team of highly qualified technicians and It personnel, who are deployed at clients all over the world.

In 2001, Tschudi was also appointed as director of Fahnentschudi, a company that became a private label of Tschudi Technology GmbH in 2009 and covers the whole range of services, from advice, design, production, delivery to the development of flag systems. Today they are an independent flag company with their own production in Wattwil SG.

In addition, since October 2014 he has been working part-time at Luscher Schudi, a company that develops and sells printing machines for industrial digital textile printing. As a technical analyst he gives advice and support to customers in the areas of IT software and security, engineering and new technologies.

Marc is specialized in new technologies and cyber security and has been active in the crypto industry since early 2014. Besides his analytical skills, he is an active Bitcoin and altcoin investor.