John Medendorp


John Started his career as a product reseller in the import and export industry, but he wanted to do something different.

Late 90's he founded The Erotic Newspaper (De Erotische Krant) which contained a lot of erotic advertisements. As there weren't any dating sites at the time, this turned out to be a great success.

In the years that followed Medendorp expanded his company Johni Media with premium phonesex services (sexcall hotlines), tube sites (such as the number 1 Dutch porn site, porn sites (, dating sites, webcam sites, erotic fairs, massage salons ( and a division in erotic goods (

In 2002, Medendorp's son Joey joined the company as well, forming an even more powerful team. Together they launched the high quality erotic glossy magazine called "Lust Magazine".

Since then, Johni Media has been the absolute number 1 in the field of erotic (web) services. Whether it involves creating a logo, a corporate identity, a website or a complex intranet: they offer it all.

In addition to releasing its own erotic products and services, Johni Media is also a reliable partner for anyone looking for their own erotic service or wanting to put them in the market. Their programmers, copywriters, designers and marketing specialists offer a total package that perfectly puts erotic companies or services in the spotlight.