Joey Medendorp


After finishing high school Joey had no idea which career path to follow, so he decided to work at his father's company, Johni Media.

At the age of 19, Medendorp became the youngest publisher of the Netherlands when he was appointed director of Lust Magazine in 2002. With a circulation of 150,000 copies, it was and is the largest magazine in the industry.

In order to create exposure for both his magazine, the Johni Media brands and their befriended industry partners, Medendorp organizes and reports on all major erotic lifestyle event of the industry such as Imagination69, Pleasure Island, Kinky on the Beach, Loveland and Wasteland (see:

In addition Joey owns and runs several high profile tube sites (e.g. the number 1 Dutch porn site, premium phonesex services, premium porn sites (e.g., which is named after him), dating sites, webcam sites, erotic massage salons and a division in erotic goods.

Joey has been an early adopter of Bitcoin and - later on - other cryptocurrencies. Besides him being personally invested in many of the currently popular altcoins, Medendorp also runs his own antminers and GPUminers.