James Houwen


In early 2010, Dutch porn producer James started organizing private gangbang and bukkake parties. One day one of his female models asked if he wanted to film her gangbang adventure: the idea of looking back at her own sex escapades really turned her on.

It did not take long before his mailbox got flooded with messages from men who wanted to buy the video in question. The demand was so massive, that James saw a gap in the market and after contacting some of his girls his business was born.

Houwen officially started producing films under the label Cumbizz in December 2014. He quickly gathered a huge fan base due to the popularity of his rock hard bukkake, cummision and gangbang videos.

Cumbizz has a unique style of filming and story lines with a complete mix of both amateur and professional models. They offer a stunning video on demand (VOD) streaming service or as they like to call it "Porn on Demand" (POD), providing their customers with the best and most exclusive Dirty Dutch Porn. The site is completely up to date, with the latest streaming and downloading techniques, all in 4K and Full HD.

Why Dirty Dutch Porn? Obviously because there is a lot of weed involved and they like to bring this out with their famous CannaBizz series: weed smoking girls, sex in marijuana fields and smoking hot babes with big bags of weed.

What is unique about his concept is that James offers his members the opportunity to play along in his films, and - at the same time - to have sex with their favorite pornstars. This form of interaction makes him unprecedentedly popular with both customers and models.

His company FutureMedia produces 2 to 5 videos a month, hardcore style, all with a twist and shot at various locations across europe.