Elise van Vlaanderen

Brand Ambassador

Since she was a teenager, Belgium porn queen Van Vlaanderen fantasized of having a photo shoot of herself. It was a friend that introduced her to a professional photographer, who helped her take the final step. From that moment she felt comfortable in front of the camera. It was the start of her modeling career.

Van Vlaanderen mainly focuses on fashion and lingerie shoots. Projects that challenge her, that are creative, unique, artistic, glamorous or even shocking.

Fun fact: Van Vlaanderen came in contact with the adult entertainment industry through dating app Tinder. There she met her current partner Ruud Slakhorst, who runs large porn empires in the Netherlands and Belgium. It gave her the chance to direct and produce her first erotic movies. Together they form a true power couple in the erotic industry.

Her career got a big boost when Dennis Black Magic, the porn king of Belgium, appointed Van Vlaanderen as his successor. It was the result of a unique competition in which 17.600 candidates competed for the title "the next porn icon of belgium". Over one million fans voted, Van Vlaanderen ended up holding the crown.

Early 2017, Van Vlaanderen launched a new erotic genre called "horno" or "horror porn" in which tension and a thrilling erotic atmosphere predominate. The six-part series of short films that she produced sofar is called "bezeten" (possessed) and can be watched for free at her offical website elisevanvlaanderen.com.

In april 2018, Van Vlaanderen caused a lot of media commotion with the porn parody "Fapper Boef", based on the famous Dutch rapper Boef.

In addition, Van Vlaanderen organizes so-called "Yolo Weekends" in which open-minded men and women enjoy a weekend full of parties and fun: after ten o'clock in the evening the clothes go out, the cameras start to record, and the real fun begins.