Dave de Groot


In the 1980s De Groot ran a number of video stores, where twenty percent of the turnover was generated from the rental of adult films. Logically, the focus shifted more and more towards that genre, but with the rise of the internet the rental slumped. The business ran back and the video stores were closed.

Dave bought shortly afterwards - the in 1969 opened and well-running - Miranda XXL sexshop. The owner named the company after his daughter, and De Groot decided to keep the same name. In the years that followed, De Groot opened several branches in Breda, Zeist, Utrecht, and Eindhoven, among others. This makes him the largest sex shop chain in the Benelux.

With his second company Cinetex Nederland BV he supplies exclusive product lines to small, medium and large companies, with the Bobbi Eden Collection and Zestra as his best brands.

With over 40 years of experience in the adult entertainment industry, De Groot can be seen as a true pioneer.