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Interview with the CEO of Kemaco Studios

Interview with Thierry Kemaco, a French / Spanish porn producer who has been active in the adult entertainment industry since 1995.

Kemaco’s main websites are, the public content site with access for members, and that sells content for professional webmasters and studios.

Kemaco Studios now works with 700+ models and produces content for its own websites and large studios such as Marc Dorcel.

How did you end up in the adult entertainment industry?
From guitar player and recording samples on my computer I became a webmaster, then started to create some porn pages and at the end, shooting content for my websites.

What do you like most; producing videos or participating in videos yourself?
Participating as an actor, or cameraman, or whatever, but the shooting I like the most. This is fun. Producing without being on the shooting is quite boring in my opinion.

The last years the adult industry has seen a large drop-down in overall sales. Did this had any impact on your business?
Yes it has been ten years now that each year is worse than the last one, so yes, it had a big impact on my overall business.

What is different in nowadays (porn) industry compared to when you started?
Much more competition. Quality Standards when you shoot for clients is always higher. When we started you could sell almost anything. Now it’s getting really difficult and customer demands are higher as ever before.

I see you are also producing videos for Marc Dorcel, How did you manage to make a deal with such a huge company?
This is the point in selling… finding the clients. It takes years to build good relationships and to find reliable contacts. And most importantly: to keep them satisfied. For what i remember it all started by uploading some of our videos on Dorcel’s VOD pages .

How do you distinguish yourself from other adult entertainment companies?
Fun & Rock! Maybe we are less centered on quality and more on having fun shooting our content. And we make as much outdoors as possible which is easy in Spain, and much more difficult in USA or eastern countries

Are you worried about all the free tube sites that have taken over a large part of the market?
Not at all, as long as they have the right to use the content they publish. Some buy the content, other use revshare programs, and that is fine. It’s just one market more. The problem about tubes, is all the illegal tubes that use stolen content

What have been the highlights of your career so far?
No highlights, or … NOW! Because we are still here after almost 20 years when we saw so many companies crash over the years. And this is what people say about me. They don’t remember something special about Kemaco, just that we have been around almost for ever, almost since the beginning of internet

Do your friends and family know what business you are in? And if yes, what do they think about that?
After 20 years working in porn, i don’t really have friends that are not in the same business. About the family… I come from some really modest family, nobody is rich in my family. And even if porn is not making you rich, it’s still making more money than some regular basic work. So in my family, they are quite proud i found my way to get a better level of life that what i was supposed to have!

What’s the funniest thing that happened to you while producing movies?

We rented a house, for a shooting, in an agency, without knowing who was the owner .. I suppose the owner didn’t know to whom the agency was renting the house neither. Many month later, after the shootings, it was in all the newspaper. The house was the house of the mayor of the city! He had problems with justice: corruption. They said in the newspaper , this was a political attack… or trying to put this on the mayor … well … at the end a lot of advertising for the videos!

As you see so much porn during your daily work, does this have any (negative) impact on your personal sex life?
We have like 2000 scenes in 20 years ⇒ 100 scenes / year => more or less 2 / week. Compared to some regular users who are visiting tubes on a daily base, I don’t think i see so much porn. It has no negative impact on my life. Maybe I am more opened minded.

When participating in porn videos yourself… do you ever use erection pills like Kamagra or Viagra?
I never did, never will. The day this is not working anymore, i will just stop working as an actor. I don’t really understand people who use that. If you like what you do your dick is always working. I have fun shooting scenes, the day this will become a pain in the ass, there’s no more reason doing it.

With which actor or company would you like to work with some day?
There’s a lot of people I know, that I admire and never managed to have the occasion to meet. Rocco, Stagliano. And some old producers I will never meet because they are dead or not working anymore, but i like their work: Russ Meyer, Salieri, Joe damato, all the italian (i love Vintage Italian Porn). And I would love to work one day for Bangbros because they really inspired me, what they do is really fun.

What can people expect from Kemaco in near future?
More stuff like that : 

Reality TV parody… And i would like to shoot some TV shows parody .. Walking dead , the 100 , etc … More than just single gonzo scenes, long term stuff with some real good scripting. But all this is needing some serious money to be done. And this is what I expect .. too … finally after all those years find the money to be able to work decently and shoot the things i WANT to shoot, and not only the things i CAN shoot.



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