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Interview with industry advisor John Medendorp

Interview with AEN Token’s industry advisor John Medendorp, owner of Johni Media, a company that offers premium adult entertainment services such as phonesex (sexcall hotlines), tube sites (such as the number 1 Dutch porn site, porn sites (, dating sites, webcam sites, erotic fairs, massage salons (, a division in erotic goods ( and Lust Magazine.

How did you end up in the adult entertainment industry?
I used to be a product reseller and I did a lot of import / export, but I wanted to do something different. I started The Erotic Newspaper (De Erotische Krant) which contained a lot of erotic contact advertisements. This worked very well, because there were no dating websites at the time.

As an industry veteran, what do you think have been the best years for the porn industry?
I think the best years of the industry were from 2000 to 2008.

Your son Joey is now running part (if not most) of the company. What exactly is your current role at Johni Media?
I arrange everything that has to do with the magazines, packages and print media. My son Joey runs everything that has to do with the internet.

What is the difference in nowadays (porn) industry compared to when you started?
In the past it was much more focused on offline media and now almost everything is online and digital.

The industry is shifting more and more towards digital media. How does a company that is famous for its print media cope with this?
We started internet right on time. We own several magazines, sexcall hotlines, webcam sites, online sex shops, tube sites and dating websites.

Which of your brands are you most proud of?
Formerly the Erotic Newspaper (which is kind of like my child) and now Lust Magazine and

If you could go back in time, are there any projects you would never had started?
No regrets at all!

Ok, lets be honest… Did you have sex with most of your models?
No, not one! I have never done this from a business perspective. Our way of working with models have always been professional.

What’s the most crazy thing that happened to you during your career in the adult entertainment industry?
I organized the Blote Billenloop (a Bare Butt Run) at the beach of Zandvoort.

As you see so much porn during your daily work, does this have any (negative) impact on your personal sex life?
No, not at all. I keep those aspects of life separate.

With which model, studio or company would you like to work with some day?
With the larger tube sites from the United Sates.

What are your views on the whole blockchain/cryptocurrency hype?
I think it will be the future at some point.

Why did you decide to join the AEN crypto project?
Because I think it’s a great project and it’s a great opportunity to eventually let consumers pay with an AEN token on one of our websites.

What can we expect from you in near future?
Nothing exciting, I keep running the business as it is now and one day I will transfer everything to my son Joey.

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