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Interview with industry advisor Diego Castles

Interview with Diego Castles, general manager of Third World Media

How did you end up in the adult entertainment industry?
I was looking for a new opportunity and answered a work ad looking for an office assistant. I did not know it was adult when I came for the interview but after meeting with the owners I was convinced this was the right place for me. They hired me on the spot and I have been working my way up since then.


What exactly does a general manager like you do at Third World Media? Is there such a thing as a standard workday, or is every day a surprise?
I do pretty much everything from production to foreign/broadcast sales, material delivery, and regular office duties. Every day is pretty much a standard work day but with your occasional surprises here and there.


A lot of production companies and studios are having a hard time at the moment due to drop in dvd sales and all free content that is currently offered online. How do you cope with this and how do you prepare TWM on the future?
We have been dealing with piracy for a long time. We use Nate at Takedown Piracy to send out DMCA notices to all the tubes and sites offering our content illegally. It is an uphill battle but after so many studios have closed down or gown out of business we are still here putting out new movies.


What is different in nowadays porn industry compared to when you started?
I see more amateurs and cam-girls making a bigger buzz than porn-stars. Back when I started it was all about the porn stars and “contract girls”. Now it is easier for a regular girl to make money in adult without even using an agent.


The last years dating and live webcam sites where the “big” hypes of the industry. What do you think will be the next hype?
I think cam sites and amateur models will continue to grow and use social media to connect directly with their fans.


When looking at the high costs involved when producing movies and the enormous dropdown in overall sales due to various reasons… Do you think in lets say 10 years there will still be big production companies or do you think it will become more like a small niche market?
I think it will be a smaller niche market with only a few of the top big companies putting out new movies.


What do you think about and what do you do against all the online piracy that takes place these days?
Piracy has been killing the adult industry for a long time. Luckily there are customers who do not like to visit tube sites or risk their computers getting a virus or spam ware. They prefer supporting the studio or model they like and paying for the best quality direct from the source.

Like I mentioned before we use Nate at Takedown Piracy and he does a great job of sending out daily DMCA notices to everyone illegally offering our content.


What have been the highlights of your career so far?
Working my way up from Administrative assistant to General Manager and now partner in Third World Media has been amazing. Helping the company grow and stay alive in times where most have gone out of business is a good feeling. We have also won several AVN and XBIZ awards throughout the years.


Do your friends and family know what business you are in? And if yes, what do they think about that?
Yes they know, everyone is proud of the work I have accomplished while here.


What are your views on the whole blockchain/cryptocurrency hype?
I support blockchain and crypto. There is a lof of hype right now and after the dust settles only the good cryptos will be left. This being one of them.


Have you ever played in a porn movie yourself?
Only in amateur self-shot cell phone movies. Lol


I see you are also running the website What exactly is that about? Are you some kind of artist as well?
Yes my friends and I own a nerdy t-shirt and apparel company called VICIOUSKILL. We design, print, and sell our shirts at COMIC-CONs across Southern California. It is a lot of fun for me because growing up I was a huge comic book nerd. I also produce the music used for all the movies from Third World Media.


As you see so much porn during your daily work, does this have any (negative) impact on your personal sex life?
No in fact im always learning a thing or two 🙂 Growing up I always watched a ton of porn LOL so this ended up being the perfect job for me.


With which actor or company would you like to work with some day?
I think it would be fun to see Rocco Siffredi in Japan doing his thing.


What can people expect from TWM in near future?
Third World is committed to bringing you the best in XXX niche erotica.  Asian, Latin, Transsexual, and Interracial movies are our focus, and we search the world over to present the most authentic hardcore action on earth. We appreciate our fans and always put the customer first.

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