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Interview with CEO of

Interview with Geoffrey Celen from, the worlds best porn sites list. Porn Dude reviews the best porn sites. It’s a collection of free and premium sex sites that contain the best porn videos of teens and adult movies of mature women in action. All the porn sites they list are 100% safe and sorted by quality.

How did you end up in the adult entertainment industry?
I’ve been working in the adult entertainment industry for around 10 years now. Just like every guy and maybe a little bit more than the average one, I loved porn and certainly the “amateur” kind. Back in 2008, I was a big fan of “” and “”, which sadly enough doesn’t exist anymore today. Blogs type of sites were still popular back then, although tubes were on the rise. Due to my limited knowledge of web coding standards and since it was just a hobby project, I decided to create my own “amateur” blog on Tumblr.

Why did you decide to name the website “The Porn Dude”?
We wanted a domain name that was original and something that would relate to the main mascotte of the website itself “The Porn Dude”. He’s a rude, bad mouthed character that knows everything about porn. He’s a sexist, loves sex jokes and sarcasm, hates extreme feminists and is convinced that he’s the alpha of porn.

Most highly popular adult sites have been there for ages. is relatively new. How did you manage to become one of the top visited adult sites in such a short time?
We noticed that many people were complaining about finding “good” porn websites in google on social media sites like Reddit and on adult webmaster forums like GFY. You would find non-related articles on mainstream sites or “shitty” porn sites that used black-hat SEO methods on page 1 in google for adult related keywords, so we decided to create a website that would solve this problem. A site that only displays the best porn sites for each niche on 1 page. No bullshit, just the best porn and that’s why everybody loves it!

Which company is behind The Porn Dude, and how many employees are currently working there?
It’s just me and my Slovenian friend, who people know as “PikaPoka” from GFY, a lot of fans/volunteers who want to make the website better and a bunch of porn-addicted personal friends with too much free time

Your website is 100% free and ad free as well. How exactly are you able to maintain such site without a revenue model?
ThePornDude is more of a community project and that’s why we’re able to keep it 100 % ad free. I get a lot of emails of our visitors who want to help out to make the website better like people who want to translate the website to their own language. The goal of ThePornDude was never targeted towards making profit, otherwise you would be bombarded with ads and popunders by now.

How do you distinguish yourself from other porn list sites?
We keep the listing and rankings of porn sites on ThePornDude genuine, while other porn list sites “give” the top positions to the highest bidder or display annoying ads. We also try to keep adding new features that give visitors on ThePornDude the best user experience.

Do your friends and family know what business you are in? And if yes, what do they think about that?
Some of them know and they think it’s “awesome”, but most of them didn’t dare to ask me anything personal regarding the business so far, which is understandable, since it still is a “taboo” subject for most people outside the industry. Most of them also wonder how it’s possible to earn money with porn, since it’s “free”.

As you see so much porn stuff during your daily work, does this have any (negative) impact on your personal sex life?
I luckily enough don’t suffer from porn induced erectile dysfunction (yet), if that’s what you’re implying to. On the contrary, I’m still as horny as 10 years ago. I would say that it benefits my sex life, since I constantly get introduced to all kinds of “new” porn, which keeps your sex life “fresh”.

Have you ever played in a porn video yourself? If not, would you want to?
Besides my own homemade material, which I don’t think was leaked to the internet yet, I’ve never participated in a professional production. While I wouldn’t mind “meeting” the hottest pornstars, I doubt anybody is ever going to convince me to participate in an adult production. Performing in front of tons of people doesn’t sound like “fun” to me.

With which website or company would you like to work with some day?
Mindgeek. I know that there are a lot of “haters” regarding this company, but I see them as one of the most innovative and professional brands around at the moment and they’re masters of PR, which is a very important aspect, if you want to make a project a success today.

What are your views on the whole blockchain/cryptocurrency hype?
Personally, I’m more into the porn industry, but my friend “PikaPoka” is more knowledgeable regarding the subject. I think that cryptocurrencies are currently too volatile to be usable for everyday transactions. People are buying cryptocurrencies hoping to make a lot of profit in a short time, while this was never the main purpose of the technology. I do think that cryptocurrencies have a lot of potential long-term, but it won’t be anytime soon. It may happen after the next financial crisis.

What can people expect from you in near future?
We’re working on multiple new projects, which are not only related to the porn industry and just like ThePornDude, I hope that they will see the same success!

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