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Interview with CEO of Lust Magazine

Interview with AEN pioneer Joey Medendorp, co-owner of Johni Media and director of Lust Magazine: with a circulation of 150,000 copies, it is the largest magazine in the industry.

In addition Joey owns and runs several high profile tube sites (e.g. the number 1 Dutch porn site, premium phone-sex services, premium porn sites (e.g., which is named after him), dating sites, webcam sites, erotic massage salons and a division in erotic goods.

Joey has been an early adopter of Bitcoin and – later on – other cryptocurrencies. Besides him being personally invested in many of the currently popular altcoins, Medendorp also runs his own antminers and GPUminers.

How did you end up in the adult entertainment industry?
Because my father was actually active in the adult industry and started the Erotic Newspaper (De Erotische Krant), I started working for him after my secondary school.

You are one of the few companies left that still produces erotic magazines. How are you able to survive while others all collapsed?
The publishing branch of the company is mostly my father’s department, but of course I can also answer this. At the moment we are the only publishers of erotic magazines in the Netherlands, so they still generate money for us. There is still a certain need for a physical magazine, opposed to online content. In addition, our version of Lust Magazine with DVD sells very well! We always add great DVDs to the magazines and our target audience is still very happy!

Due to the rise of free tube sites, the adult industry has seen a large drop-down in overall sales. Did this had any impact on your business as well?
Yes, of course, the entire industry has suffered from it and still does. In the past, customers called in at 0.80 EUR per minute to watch porn and now everything is free.

Is the website named after you? is a separate project. It’s a blog site with videos, pictures, jokes, comics etc. is indeed named after me 🙂

Your company offers a broad selection of services and products for the adult entertainment industry. Is there any specific product or service that you are most proud of?
I am most proud of because it is our biggest website with the highest amount of visitors.

How do you see the future for print media? Do you think there will always be a market for it, or…?
I think it will never completely disappear. I think people will always like to feel a real physical magazine in their hands. Think of newspapers, most of them flopped with their digital version. They have too much competition in the form of normal news websites that can act much faster than actually making a digital version of the complete magazine.

What have been the highlights of your career so far?
I have won some prizes in the past with and furthermore I am proud of our online department. We have a number of large and good websites, with a lot of traffic and good selling points.

Do you have any targets/goals when it comes to your work?
I would like to make even bigger, but this takes time.

Do your friends and family know what business you are in? And if yes, has this ever caused any problems for you?
Yes everyone knows what I do and it never gave me problems. We don’t do anything wrong, no illegal things, we are not pimps and we pay taxes.

As you see so much porn during your daily work, does this have any (negative) impact on your personal sex life?
No, no negative impact at all. Working hard and earning money is important, it does not matter whether you sell cars or porn if you are good at your job.

Have you ever played in a porn video yourself?
No, I’m not planning to either. We do not make porn movies ourselves.

What are your views on the whole blockchain/cryptocurrency hype?
I like it and am very interested in it. I have also bought several coins myself, I also run antminers and GPUminers and I think the cryptos are the future!

Why did you decide to join the AEN crypto project?
I have known Robin Bos for a very long time from the adult webmaster period and I know that if he commits to something, it often works out well. I think it is a very good plan and concept and I am almost convinced that it will be a success.

What can we expect from you in near future?
Perhaps a private company in the crypto world.

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