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Interview with celebrity Bobbi Eden – AEN’s brand ambassador for the USA and NL

Interview with AEN Token’s brand ambassador Bobbi Eden, the #1 Adult Export from the country of Sex, Tulips & Wooden Shoes. With more than 150 films, made by major companies such as Private, Zero Tolerance and Wicked Pictures, and more than 200 cover stories for magazines such as Hustler, Penthouse, Club, Soho and Mens World, Bobbi is operating at the top of the international porn industry for almost 15 years. In addition she is a worldwide celebrity, TV personality and has her own clothing and teledildonics (hightech sextoys) product line.

Who are you and how did you end up in the adult entertainment industry?
Bobbi: My name is Bobbi Eden and after being a runner up for Penthouse Pet of The Year in 98, i started doing men’s magazines for better part of four years. Playboy, Penthouse, Men’s only.. I’ve done ‘em all. After that i tried doing a movie to see if it would be something i could see myself doing. It worked out pretty well.

What have been the highlights of your career so far?
Bobbi: It’s hard to name just one highlight. There’s been so many. Everyday above ground is a opportunity for new things and that’s how i try to live my life. But one thing that stands out is how lucky i have been to be able to cross over from adult to main stream in Holland.

When and why did you decide to slow down your career as a porn actress to focus more and more on a career behind the scenes?
Bobbi: Somehow this process evolved naturally. After i decided to stop doing movies for other companies in 2009 and start my own business, things happened fast. I saw the industry changing and while this may work for others, for me it was time to go and do it on my own. I’m just a person that wants to keep moving and i just could not see myself doing the same thing over and over. So i started producing content for my own website that is part of Vicky Vette’s ‘Vette Nation Army’ and teamed up with a Dutch company for my live shows. I produced a show for another Dutch company that shows everything that goes on behind the scenes in the porn industry in LA called ‘Bobbi In The USA’ and that got some attention from main stream companies.


In the meantime i was asked by famous Dutch presenter & singer Gordon to appear in his new video for his single that went to #1 on the charts. And after doing a few appearances on Dutch national television and interviews in newspapers i got an offer to do ‘Wife Swap VIP’ for RTL4, our biggest TV network. When it aired it was watched by 1.7 million viewers, which are huge numbers in Holland. Suddenly i saw myself doing TV shows every week and i got an offer to put out my biography and get my own TV reality show in Holland. This all happened in 2013.

In 2014 my book came out and it landed on the best seller list. My reality show started airing in the fall of 2014. After that I was finding myself doing strictly things in the main stream. So that’s how that happened. 😉

What do you miss the most about being behind the camera?
Bobbi: There was always a lot of fun stuff going around when shooting. That may be something that i would miss. Other than that, I just look back on it being a lot of fun doing the movies and working with great people. There’s always a lot of bad stuff being thrown out there about the porn industry by press, or people that were once in it but decided to quit or retire or whatever reason. I don’t see that at all. I had a great time, sure… there’s always a bad day, overall I look back with fond memories.

You have your own teledildonics/sextoy production line. What exactly is that all about?
Bobbi: I hooked up with the guys from Kiiroo in 2014 that have this amazing product that allows couples to have long distance sex. We featured it on our reality show and took it on national TV on ‘RTL Late Night’. You should check it out! Apart from that I have my own sex toy line called ‘Bobbi Eden Collection’. We have more than sixty products out now. From lube to dildo’s & vibrators. It’s all there. It’s available in shops and we plan to have it at eighty products by the end of this year. Check it out at


How did your friends/family found out about your porn career, or when did you decide to inform them?
Bobbi: It was never a secret, I told them right away. And even though that created some tension as you might expect, she knew I would be fine. I don’t drink, never touched drugs in my life and I’m pretty level headed. Right now my mom could not be more proud to see what I’ve been able to accomplish.

Are there people from your inner circle that changed their view or act differently now that you have become extremely successful compared to when you started?
Bobbi: Not really, the only difference is that people that you have not heard of in decades start showing up and tell you how great you are doing and that they are proud to know me. I keep friends in a pretty tight circle.

What is the difference in nowadays porn industry compared to when you started?
Bobbi: Well, everyone’s a porn star, director, producer these days. Got an Iphone? Great! Let’s start a porn company! It’s a total different animal these days compared to when I was active and shooting movies with reasonable budgets.

DVD sales are almost non existent and almost everything goes on online. If a girl does one scene she calls herself a porn star, that’s pretty funny to me.

What are your views on the whole Bitcoin/Blockchain hype?
Bobbi: You know, everything is moving crazy fast these days and there’s so many things being thrown around to see what sticks. These are exciting times and the crypto currency thing is something to keep an eye out for. It’s always great to step into something of which nobody really knows where it’s going but you see the potential.

Why did you decide to join the AEN crypto project?
Bobbi: As I said before, I like to keep going forward. And that also means trying new stuff.

With which actor, studio or company would you like to work with some day?
Bobbi: There’s so much stuff going on at the moment that I don’t really think about things like that. My agenda is already booked until summer 2019. I’m pretty happy with all the people I work with now. But who knows…if Denzel Washington shows up…who knows 😉

As you see and experience so much porn during your work, does this have any impact on your personal sex lives?
Bobbi: Not at all, the only one that impacts our personal sex life, is our one year old son.

Do you have any specific goals when it comes to your work in the adult entertainment industry?
Bobbi: No. Just keep going! I don’t need to be the biggest or best or whatever. I just want to be happy in the things I do and stay healthy doing it. I want to win the race!

What can people expect from you in near future?
Bobbi: I’m working on a lot of projects right now. Lot’s of TV. We have our show on Linda.TV that we’ve been doing for three years and is at episode 113 as we speak. I’ve been writing my weekly column for Panorama magazine for over ten years now and will continue to do so, my second crochet, yes I said crochet, book comes out in October, I have my own erotic festival ‘Bobbi Eden’s Loversland’ and the second edition of that will be on the 12 13 & 13th of October and I do my exclusive live fan chats at So I keep myself pretty busy! 😉



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