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Interview with AEN Token brand ambassador Sabrina Deep

To give our community some industry insights and behind the scenes footage, we have interviewed one of our core team members and brand ambassador for the Spanish/Portugese market, Sabrina Deep. This interview is also meant to give our viewers the chance to get to know Sabrina a bit better.

Deep is a porn producer and famous Bukkake pornstar. Read more in Sabrina’s AEN Token profile.

Interview Sabrina Deep

AEN Token: How did you end up in the adult entertainment industry?
After a working life spent in sales, spiced with a few erotic and hardcore shootings for magazines, at the age of 28 i decided that i want to start a career in porn, with my own business, my own ideas and a lot of fun for the senses. Initially, I started performing on cam for free and for fun, but when I saw that viewers were pretty responsive and that my body and brain were as well, I took it seriously.


AEN Token: What have been the highlights of your career so far?
Number one must be being still in business 12 years later despite the fact that I’ve never been sponsored by big productions or tried to consistently find my way in porn valley. I started late (28yo) and I had it well clear that if I took mainstream porn as my professional point of reference I wouldn’t have lasted long. I’ve been able to create my own brand from nothing and to establish a direct relationship with my fans who also happen to be my clients, and I have made myself the owner of my own professional destiny. I have focused on my clients sacrificing short term career advancement for loyalty and durability and given the results I cannot imagine a brighter highlight than this.

If I really gotta mention something in particular, I’m gonna go for situations which I’ve found pretty exciting and satisfactory and which still of today affect my life positively. My 3 participations on The Howard Stern Show, especially the first one, because it was one of the first ambitious targets I gave myself when I started planning my career and everybody was highly skeptic to say the least over my chances to achieve it without the support of big mainstream productions.

The second highlight I’d like to mention is the chance to get know and work with Girlfriends Films’ founder and director Dan O’Connel, an exquisite person and probably the most professional guy I’ve ever met in this industry. But most of all I’d like to remember my movie Fanbang, not for the product itself but for the fact that on set I’ve got to work with and become friend two porn legends like Ginger Lynn and Julia Ann. Think that Julia was making my make-up on set and then since we have become close to the point of a real friendship. I own two dogs which I have adopted from Julia’s dogs sheltering group and she has flied them here to Spain from Los Angeles. It’s not easy to meet regularly, but I don’t exaggerate when I consider her one of my best all times friends.


AEN Token: Fabio, your husband is also your business partner. How does he feel about you having sex with so many men? And do you have certain rules in place to avoid personal/relational issues?
You can’t avoid personal and relation issues, if you are into a relationship for real, and this is not just about sex. Issues are intrinsic to the very definition of relationship and those who apparently have none are just too lazy to put an effort in dealing with them and hence they hide them underneath the carpet pretending that they are not there. This works for a while, but it comes a day when you need to clean the carpet and that day you realize all the shit that you have hidden underneath it and it’s often too late to clean the whole house without getting alo rid of you partner.

To answer your question, we communicate. About everything. There’s no rules, but respect and the first form of respect in a relationship is to communicate and to account for each other’s feelings, needs and faults. When you do that, that noble sentiment which is called jealousy never derails into possession. Suspicious is what mines relationships and a late truth is what kills them for good.


AEN Token: How do you distinguish yourself from other actresses and producers?
I’m just myself. Nature and personal experiences made us all different from one another, and as long as you are yourself there’s not gonna be one alike around. We all find someone else ugly, and yet those whom we consider as such have a partner who find them attractive. There’s an audience for everything, really, and the trick to be “original” is simply not trying to be something or someone else. When you are original, you cut off a bit chunk of the competition and success is inevitable. Then you have to work hard to maintain it, but that’s a different matter. Other actresses and producers are who they are and I am who I am.


AEN Token: You are running your own premium websites. Do you maintain that yourself, is this something Fabio does, or do you hire someone external to run this?
A mix of all that. Porn is only part on my entrepreneurship. Among others, I also run a web and mobile development firm together with Fabio who happens to have a solid marketing background in mainstream. We do everything in house directly or through the help of our wonderful employees.


AEN Token: What do you enjoy most about your work as a pornstar/entrepreneur?
My ideas, my talent, my schedule all directed to make my orgasms remunerable. It’s not hard at all to enjoy that.


AEN Token: Have you had any bad experiences during your porn career?
Nothing worth mentioning, really. I try to conduct my business professionally which means that I tend to work only with professional people. Sure there have been unfortunate experiences but then that’s true in every profession and it’s an unavoidable consequence of proaction. I haven’t been raped of stuff like that, if that’s what you meant.


AEN Token: Do your friends and family know what you do for a living? If yes, how did they react at first?
Yes, everybody knows and I have never hid it. After all that’s what I do, and I do it by my own will. Reactions have been and are different: some take it bad, some take it well, some others don’t approve and yet they don’t let my profession interfere with our relationship. When you are convinced of what you do, people’s negative responses don’t affect you much, if not in the culling department: being sure who’s your friend and who’s not is very important when it comes to aim for happiness, and I like to think that being open about my profession makes this selection process natural, almost painless.


AEN Token: What are your views on the whole blockchain/cryptocurrency hype?
I’m really excited about it. The hostility towards this business by the financial world has limited the expansion of our industry for too long, and just the perspective of a transactions’ system which can set us free from the current existing one deserves my full support.


AEN Token: What is different in nowadays porn industry compared to when you started?
Porn has changed a lot and in the direction that I have embraced when I started, so I can’t really say that I’m surprised or affected by it. The porn industry hasn’t changed much, though and it’s unfortunate. The idea that this industry is never at fault and that isolation should be fought with even more isolation rather than by making allies in the institutions and claiming our right to be effectively considered as legitimate as any other mainstream industry is hard to die. Think, just to make one of many possible examples, only of how much it costs us to process payments just because of this persisting isolationist attitude. It’s still the all for themselves good old porn industry that it was when I started. I sense a change in attitude by many newcomers, but we still have a long way ahead before we can become relevant beyond our own boundaries.


AEN Token: What was the most kinky thing you have ever done so far on camera?
I think kinky is in the eyes of the beholder. Kinky for me is to satisfy my partner(s) in bed even if this means just five minutes of canonical missionary action. If I had to mention something which an audience might find kinky, I really enjoyed my 2007 London Gangbang when I got banged by 77 fans for 8 straight hours and streamed the action live online. I’ve done many more and with equal success and satisfaction after that, but the first one is always special.


AEN Token: With which actor or company would you like to work with some day?
In the past I’d have answered Rocco Siffredi. These days I have no ambition to work with someone in particular because I’ve learned that expectations always leave you with a sense of unaccomplishment.


AEN Token: What is so fun/great in doing gangbangs? And are there downsides as well?
It’s a mental thing. Pleasing many men at once is very exciting and to allow them to be in control, at times, it’s even more satisfactory, for me. And I didn’t use the verb “allow” by chance: although many people think that it’s humiliating for the woman, I find it very empowering, sexually speaking. When I’m on my knees or laying waiting for my partner to do his job, I’m in power. I time the action with my gaze and voice and I have the final word and the final reward: the guys work for me and I fuck with their brain.

The biggest downside of doing gangbangs is people judgement. Let me be frank. You can say: “You disrespected me,” but how can you say “You disrespected yourself”? Self-respect is like personal taste, like your own mood, like your good or bad sight: it can’t be decided by others. I’m always scared of people who go beyond judging, pretending to scientifically know your limits. Feel free to judge me in relation to your world and and moral, but leave my own relationship with myself to myself. I travel the world a lot and everywhere I go, I meet people throwing the self-respect thing at me for what I do, until they have a couple of drinks or ten and start doing those same things which I should feel ashamed of with total strangers. It’s curious how I can be the owner of my uterus when it comes to abortion, but i can’t have multiple orgasms with many men without lacking respect towards myself. So yes: it’s the worst stereotype of all and one that I wish I didn’t have to debunk all the time. It doesn’t hurt me, it just annoys me.


AEN Token: As you have sex with so many different men, can you tell us if there are any noticeable differences between men from specific countries/regions? I mean, are European men different when it comes to sex compared to USA men for example?
Yes there are. Europeans have less performance anxiety than Americans, based on my experience. Generally they are also pruder and less fantasy-driven and they live sex with great expectation and with a competitive spirit which sometimes is not really ideal, especially when it comes to group sex. There are exceptions to that, of course, but all in all in Europe sex is lived more as a treat while in the US people seem to be less capable to leave their problems and cultural and social heritage out of the bedroom.


AEN Token: As gangbangs are seen as a “hardcore” niche in the porn industry, how do mainstream pornstars react to what you do? I mean, as far as i know there are not many pornstars who focus purely on gangbangs and bukkake, right?
It’s definitely a more common niche in Europe, among performers, than in the US, but in the end I could name just a few American porn stars who haven’t performed in a gangbang at least once in their career. You see less gangbangs shot in porn valley because at a certain production level are rather difficult to arrange, logistically, and they can end up being pretty expensive too. Mainstream porn industry reaction to what I do is not as much about focusing on gangbangs as it is about involving fans rather than professional actors. Years ago I was considered crazy and a league under, but in time even in Cali they have realized that a more direct interaction with fans has become essential to gain consumers’ loyalty and to limit the damage caused by piracy and tubes. Content is not king anymore and interaction is slowly but inevitably replacing it and reducing it to an accessorial role. I’ve been a pioneer about it and I believe that I’m more respected now than I was a few years ago.


AEN Token: What can people expect from you in near future?
I’m a Top Writer on Quora – – for three consecutive years, now and the desire of publishing a book has assaulted me, a few months back. Expect some news on that department later this year. Porn wise, I’m involved in the development and release of a social content platform called Fanstalker which is aimed at letting performers safely and directly reach with their fans rather than the other way around. And I expect cryptocurrency to play an important role in it, transactions wise.

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