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Posted by: aentoken Category: News Tags: , , , , , , , Comments: 0 Post Date: November 19, 2018

AEN Update

Extended token sale
We are currently in talk with 2 major investment firms (hedgefunds) regarding a complete funding round for the whole AEN project. Due to the upcoming holidays (Christmas, new year) we expect that the completion of this process will take around 6-10 weeks. As a possible deal with one these investment firms will have a huge, positive impact of the AEN project as a whole we have decided to extend the Public Token Sale with 3 months.

The Public Token Sale will run till 28 February 2019. During this last period (Phase 6) all token investors receive a 20% bonus on all token purchases.

Token cap set to 100 million
Due to the private funding round fewer tokens have to be sold during our Public Token Sale. A smaller amount of total tokens also means a better ROI (return on investment) for our token holders. This is why we have decided to burn 250 million tokens, meaning that the total amount of AEN Tokens (AENT) will be set to 100 million.

Burn process will start at the second week of December. Once completed it will be announced on our website and Telegram channel.

Token distribution
In the next couple of days we will begin to distribute the tokens purchased during our Public Token Sale. Everybody who has purchased tokens during the public token sale will receive their tokens within 14 days from now. Once we have send the tokens you will receive a confirmation email with instructions on howto to add/show the tokens to your erc20 wallet.

Bounty campaign
Our bounty campaign has finished. A full update about the bounty campaign including the distribution of the bounty tokens will follow within 21 days from now and will be announced on our website and telegram channel.

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