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AEN Token – Video Introduction

What does AEN stand for?

AEN stands for “Adult Entertainment Network”. We have chosen this name as we aim to build the first global incentive-based adult entertainment network of the world powered by Blockchain technology.

Why choose us?

In a world that is dominated by a handful of big players everything revolves around having the right connections, experience and quality content. These matters are essential because it simply takes a lot more than just a good idea and a bag of money to achieve something in this industry. Meaning, if you aren’t a big player yourself, and if you aren’t backed by major studios or industry influencers, the chances of success are close to zero.

This is exactly where we excel. The AEN team completely outclasses its competition at all possible levels. We are not only backed by the industry… we are the industry!

With an already established network, active both online, offline as in mainstream media, a steadily growing customer base with over two million active users, professional webcam models, premium adult sites, video-on-demand platforms, erotic shops, magazines and a global distribution network, the AEN team has all the right tools, connections, skills and expertise, to make this ambitious project a guaranteed success.

Which industry problems are you going to solve?

We aim to solve all major flaws and problems that currently exist in this multi-billion dollar industry. To achieve this, we set ourselves a number of objectives:

– Improving the tradional business models to fully eliminate the need for intermediaries, reducing overall costs and risk of fraud, errors and delays.

– Solving unfair income distributions by creating a more transparent incentive-based ecosystem where participants are fairly rewarded based on the value they add to the network.

– Eliminating exorbitant payment, chargeback and refund fees by establishing a decentralised, blockchain-based payment environment driven by tokenisation.

– Reducing bandwidth costs and drastically improve latency, resilience and centralisation by moving to a decentralized peer-to-peer (storage) network based on Bittorent’s philosophy.

– Increasing both privacy and security for all network participants by implementing smart contract technologies in combination with IPFS, and Bluzelle.

– Eliminating restrictions imposed by banks, credit card companies, payment server providers and advertising companies by building a content neutral platform where freedom of expression is paramount.

– Fighting piracy: by joining forces, we are able to make a stand against content abuse, thus protecting the rights of all network participants, partners and ourselves.

What do you have to offer more?

One of the great advantages of having your own content is that we can offer you more much than just an investment opportunity. Our warehouses contain over 50.000 full, never seen before porn movies, over 300.000 scenes in total, all waiting to be exhibited to the public.

With the help of investors, we can complete this gigantic job – digitalizing all content and making it ready for the internet – at a record pace, allowing us to delight you with the largest porn collection in the world. For free!

To show how much we appreciatie the support, all AEN token investors get free lifetime access to our Porn on Demand platform!

What projects are you going to make?

We start of with 5 main projects:

  1. Pornscope – The first decentralized live streaming (D)App for porn.
  2. POD – A decentralized POD platform (Porn on Demand) which all of our videos will be uploaded to.
  3. Liveshows – Taking user interactions to the next level.
  4. Payment Protocol – A Blockchain based payment system designed as a better alternative for traditional payment methods currently used in the adult entertainment industry.
  5. DMCA Platform – Protecting privacy and fighting content abuse for all participating partners and performers.

In addition to that we offer value to the AEN Project and its asociated token through our own established businesses and through our partners.

The AEN Team is proud to already provide a fully working network right at the start, including over 100 participating industry partners!

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