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AEN Token featured at, #1 adult industry news website!, the absolute #1 news website for the adult industry has featured an article about the AEN project! You can read the article below or visit their original post here. Article:

AMSTERDAM — A group of more than 25 Dutch erotic websites, producers and celebrities including Kim Holland, Bobbi Eden, and Sabrina Deep, have joined forces to create the Adult Entertainment Network (AEN) and launch their own “erotic Bitcoin,” the AEN Token.

“From webcams and streaming to new payment systems, the industry always plays a pioneering role in the introduction of new technologies,” says a company spokesperson. “With the introduction of the AEN Token, a group of Dutch porn pioneers adds a new chapter.”

The launch is supported by more than 100 international players and is positioned as the prelude to the first decentralized online sex network where fans can among other things better protect their privacy.

“This new currency offers a number of important advantages to both the supply and the demand side of erotic online content,” says AEN director Robin Bos, who together with Serge van der Hooft (former CEO of German sex empire Beate Uhse), founded the project. “For example, visitors to sex websites are able to anonymously pay for premium content without fear that their identity will be known.”

AEN Token works with blockchain technology so that every user is part of an anonymous network that administers the assets of the various participants. Because every part of the network keeps an identical copy of this “ledger,” fraud is impossible. In addition, participants can also earn money by sharing and promoting the content.

“Just like in the ‘normal’ online world, where, for example, Google has a lot of power, a number of large international parties control access to numerous erotic sites,” Bos adds. “By [putting] the promotion of erotic sites in the hands of the user, a much fairer ecosystem is created. Participating entrepreneurs can save substantially on their costs, which in turn benefits users as well.”

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