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Posted by: aentoken Category: Media, Videos Tags: , , , , , Comments: 0 Post Date: October 4, 2018

AEN featured at, Holland’s #1 newspaper!

Today, the biggest newspaper of The Netherlands called “De Telegraaf” (english translation: The Telegraph) brought the AEN project to the attention of the Dutch public. Their fantastic headline “Porn bangs into the cryptomarket” (dutch title: Erotiek dendert de cryptohandel in) will definately create some great media hype for our project!

In addition to the article they did some video coverage as well. Click the below link/picture to watch the video. The “AEN” item starts at around 8.05 minutes.

The video is in dutch, but in short they discuss it as follows:

Host: “AEN Token, backed by some major companies, is trying to improve their business model and – at the same time – aims to solve some major issues that the porn industry is currently facing. You know that this industry was the first who adapted to and made money with the internet boom. What do you think about initiatives like this?”

Guest expert: Laughs a bit at the start, finds it difficult to share his professional opinion, but soon recovers and mentions that he understand some of the problems the porn industry is facing. “They have clearly thought about all aspects and benefits of blockchain technology…. the cryptocurrency market is in the process of becoming mainstream, and once that does i think there will be great chances for projects like these.







Original article can be found here

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